Total time: 54.19

The album contains 10 songs including title track Pills in two different arrangements orchestral and acoustic.

  1. No Escape
  2. Ritual
  3. Best of Worlds
  4. Afraid
  5. Pills (strings)
  6. Hell on Earth
  7. Wild Ride
  8. Nobody Owns Me (Killa Song)

Bonus tracks:

  1. Pictures from the Past
  2. Winter of Soul
  3. Pills (acoustic)

Polish Warsaw based progressive rock band Love De Vice issued their long awaited third studio album called „Pills” on Friday June 24, 2016 on Fonografika label.

Album is promoted by songs Afraid and Best of Worlds. In the studio group was supported by Fair Play Quartet, brass section and young uprising vocalist Kasia Granecka – sister of Love De Vice singer Paweł Granecki. Album was recorded in Sonus Studio under supervision of Andrzej Karp produced by Jacek Szabrański.

Total time: 46:44

Musically the second album ‘Numaterial’ was a step forward for the band as nearly all songs have developed from ideas into final studio versions with the whole band present to take part in the working process.

  1. Cold Sun Goodbye
  2. Hermit
  3. Megiddo
  4. Love or Illusion
  5. With You Now
  6. Heavy Cross
  7. Letter In a Minor

The work itself however differed as concerns particular songs. On one hand evolution of ‘Letter In ‘A’ Minor’ brought by Robert Pełka, with added instrumental passages become polyphonic mini suite that may be heard on the record, is example of band’s improvisational skills, on the other hand ‘With You Now’ composed by Paweł Granecki and arranged by Jacek Melnicki brings the new approach adopted later during 3rd album sessions, as the song was recorded with reduced involvement of the band (the guitar solo by Andrzej Archanowicz and Jelonek violin touches shall be however noted as it brought much space and delicacy into the song).

Total time: 41:37

The debut album ‘Dreamland’ has been released on June 15th, 2009 under the independent Blackfield Media label and distributed by Mystic Production what enabled to reach shelves of the leading Polish music shops throughout the country.

  1. Intro
  2. Once You Were (a Giant)
  3. Foggy Future
  4. Kiss Goodbye
  5. One More Chance
  6. Sleepless Nights
  7. Mission
  8. Dreamland

Due to the ‘Antyfest’ results ‘Dreamland’ has been granted media patronage of Antyradio and ‘Once You Were (A Giant)’ spent 3 months on ‘Turbo Top 20’ charts, being No. 1 for 2 weeks (and Top 5 for the whole September 2009).

Thanks to nationwide distribution and radio promotion the band’s first album was noticed and well received by the music media, including i.a. ‘Teraz Rock’ (the most popular Polish rock music monthly) and many other positive reviews in Poland and even abroad, all of them pointing out the freshness of the sound combined with the band’s commitment to the hardrock and progrock roots of the 1970s (specifically Deep Purple and Pink Floyd).